Collaboratory Resource Toolkit

Reporting engagement activities is made possible through Collaboratory. In order to understand the full extent to which ASU staff, faculty and students work with communities, ASU uses Collaboratory to assist all of our staff and faculty to document their social embeddedness activities. 

Are there other resources or other tools that would help your unit roll out Collaboratory? Please reach out and let us know

Introducing Collaboratory

  • This Introductory Email Template intended to share with your office, unit, etc. how you will track community engagement and public service activities. It provides a short overview of the Collaboratory platform and how the information can be used within your unit. Feel free to modify this template to better contextualize the benefits of Collaboratory for your specific unit. 

  • The New Faculty / Staff Email Template can be used to introduce new staff or faculty to Collaboratory upon joining your team or unit. It includes a short welcome message and an encouraging note to explore the platform. The template gives information on how to log in and guidance on how often to update activities. You are welcome to modify this language as per your unit's expectations. 



More resources will be added soon...