Newman Civic Fellowship

Applications are now closed for ASU's nomination to the 2021-22 Newman Civic Fellowship.

About the Newman Civic Fellowship

The Newman Civic Fellowship is a national Campus Compact fellowship program to recognize and support outstanding students who:

  • Engage in collaborative action with others from campus or from surrounding communities in order to create long-term social change

  • Take action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization

  • Demonstrate the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement

The Fellowship is a one-year experience during which Fellows have access to a variety of virtual and in-person learning opportunities, networking events and mentoring focused on developing the skills needed to serve as effective agents of change in addressing public problems and in building equitable communities.

Nominate an ASU student

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The primary goals of the Fellowship are to support community-committed students in their personal, civic and professional development so as to prepare them for the long-term work of public problem solving; and to build a national network of civically-oriented college student leaders and alumni.

Student Eligibility

Student Eligibility

ASU students nominated for the Fellowship must meet the following requirements:

  • An ASU faculty/staff must submit the student nomination
  • The ASU student nominee must be currently enrolled and in good standing as a student at ASU during Spring 2022
  • The ASU student must have at least one year of their education remaining such that they will be enrolled during the 2021-22 academic year 
  • The ASU student nominee must be willing to provide a short reflection piece (video, article or letter) during their Fellowship year
  • The selected local mentor agrees to serve as a mentor for the nominee’s personal, professional and civic growth for at least the duration of the 2021-2022 academic year. This should include an in-person meeting at least quarterly.
  • Preference is given to students with backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in higher education

Nomination process

Nomination process

The nomination process for the ASU Newman Civic Fellowship applicant is as follows:

  • Application package submitted via Qualtrics by 11:59 p.m. MST Friday, January 15, 2021, for the 2021-22 Fellowship
  • An impartial internal review committee will review the applications and select one nominee to represent ASU by January 25, 2021. All applicants will be notified of the final selection.
  • The nomination package is created, including a nomination letter from President Crow, and submitted to Campus Compact by University Initiatives before the deadline on February 1, 20121*
  • Campus Compact will notify institutions of fellowship awardees and announced to the public during the month of March 2021

*Note: Only one student from each institution may be nominated

Fellowship benefits

Fellowship benefits

Fellowship benefits include:

  • Attendance at a national, regional and state convening of Newman Civic Fellows from other institutions
  • Training on a variety of relationship-building skills and tactical skills to facilitate action (asset mapping, attracting resources, design thinking, systems thinking, etc.)
  • Opportunities to submit conference proposals to present at Campus Compact affiliated conferences
  • National recognition through Campus Compact website and media
  • Special scholarship opportunities from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute to participate in their Leadership and the American Presidency program
  • Opportunity to apply for Newman’s Own Foundation Fellowship

More information about the Fellowship can be found on the Campus Compact website

Nomination Package

An ASU staff or faculty member must submit the nomination materials through this Qualtrics form by 11:59 p.m. MST on January 15, 2021. All materials must be submitted through this online form. Hard copy, fax and email submissions will not be accepted. The full set of application questions can be found here.

Nominate an ASU student


  • ASU Faculty/Staff Member Name

  • Title

  • ASU Department

  • ASU Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Student Leadership Profile (max. 200 words): If selected, this profile will be used for publicity purposes and will be featured on Campus Compact's website. Please include information central to the recommendation including the student nominee's approach to addressing the root causes of social issues and about the nominee's potential for developing innovative and collaborative strategies for addressing public problems.

  • Detailed Nomination Information: Please provide information about the ASU student nominee's approach(es) to addressing the root causes of social issues. These may include, for example, involvement in public policy reform, community organizing, community-based research, social entrepreneurism, or other efforts to build the capacity of community-based organizations. Additionally, please let us know why you believe this student has the motivation and potential to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to addressing public problems and to contribute to a network of similarly-committed students.


  • ASU Student Nominee Name

  • ASU Email Address

  • LinkedIn URL (if applicable)

  • Twitter handle (if applicable)

  • Instagram handle (if applicable)

  • Demographic information - optional (gender/racial identity, personal pronounds used, first-gen)

  • Expected graduation date

  • Major(s)/concentration(s)

  • How you will utilize the fellowship opportunity/resources to strengthen your project(s)? (max. 200 words)

  • Personal Statement (max. 200 words): The selected fellow's personal statement will be used for publicity purposes and will be featured on Campus Compact's website. The student nominee should include information central to the recommendation, including their approach to addressing the root causes of social issues and their potential for developing innovative and collaborative strategies for addressing public problems.

  • Mentor Name

  • Title

  • ASU Department or Community Organization

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Relationship to ASU Student Nominee


The Newman Civic Fellowship Mentor's Manual can be found here.


2021-22 ASU Review Committee

The review committee is comprised of a diverse group of ASU faculty and staff from across the university in various roles. 

Sarah Allin Headshot 

Sarah Allin

Administrative Specialist, Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

Pauline Nalumansi Headshot 

Pauline Nalumansi

University Innovation Fellow, Office of Applied Innovation

Caroline Dunn-Rankin Headshot 

Caroline Dunn-Rankin

University Innovation Fellow, Office of Applied Innovation

Ryan Shaw headshot 

Ryan Shaw

Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives + Senior Univeristy Advisor to the President, Office of University Affairs

Max Goshert Headshot 

Max Goshert

Assistant Director, Office of University Affairs 

Jacey West Headshot 

Jacey West

Communications Program Coordinator, School for Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

 “It was great to meet other fellows from all across the country and I learned that public service comes in many forms. Some students were starting their own non-profits, others were running food pantries, and one student even planned and hosted a volunteer day. Whether it is a long term or short term fix, public service is what you make it. I realized that ASU has already provided me with so many opportunities to understand real-life problems and how to solve them.”

– Breanna Carpenter, 2016 Newman Civic Fellowship recipient

Frequently Asked Questions

 Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ASU's Newman Civic Fellowship nomination.

Leadership Profiles and Personal Statement (max. 200 words) are used for publicity purposes and will be featured on Campus Compact’s website. By submitting an application, you affirm the use of this photo for Campus Compact publicity materials such as e-newsletters, website and printed materials.

Are graduate students eligible?

Are graduate students eligible?

ASU grad students are eligible to be nominated for the Newman Civic Fellowship. Campus Compact encourages universities to give preference to undergraduate students. The nominee must have at least one year of their education remaining such that they will be enrolled in higher education during 2021-22.

Does ASU assist in finding a mentor?

Does ASU assist in finding a mentor?

We highly encourage the ASU student nominee to have a confirmed mentor (or one in mind) before submitting the nomination. If the student is unable to identify a mentor, ASU commits to attempting to help the Fellow find a mentor. 

Can the mentor be changed after submission?

Can the mentor be changed after submission?

Yes, life happens. The mentor can be changed after submission. 

Who should complete the nomination form?

Who should complete the nomination form?

The nomination form should be completed by an ASU staff or faculty member. We highly encourage you to work with the ASU student nominee on a shared document to collect responses to make the submission process easier. Here is a template we welcome you to duplicate in Google Docs to collect information beforehand.