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Knowledge Exchange

ASU builds bridges between the university and the community by translating groundbreaking research into accessible and meaningful information that the public can use, and working with community partners to leverage their knowledge and expertise as we work together to tackle complex social issues. 

 Knowledge Exchange for Resilience

KER is a network of collaborators and community partners working to share data and knowledge to improve community resilience in Maricopa County. By leveraging the existing strengths of our academic, nonprofit, business, and government organizations, we can do more together than any one organization can do alone to improve social, economic, and environmental resilience in our community.

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Graduate College Knowledge Mobilization Studio and Impact Awards

The Knowledge Mobilization Studio offers scholars at all stages in their academic program an opportunity to learn to make their research more accessible to end users and promote the application of their work in real world contexts. The Impact Awards  provide an opportunity to collectively acknowledge and reward excellence in effectively mobilizing knowledge beyond the traditional bounds of the academy. 

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Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE)

AzTE works with faculty, investors and industry partners to translate ASU inventions into broad societal impact. The goal of AzTE rapid and wide dissemination of ASU discoveries and inventions to the marketplace.

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