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The advancement of ASU's New American University model requires a willingness to adapt, take risks and collaborate. Social Embeddedness is a commitment to partnerships and an accountability to the broader context in which we operate. Social Embeddedness is more than the sum of individual community engagement programs. To "assume fundamental responsibility for the economic, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves" as outlined in the ASU charter, requires a ubiquitous approach that permeates the university's culture.


Universities are well-poised to make an impact by engaging people to address society’s greatest challenges. ASU goes beyond volunteerism and community service and leverages its rich inventory of expertise and resources to cultivate civically engaged students, increase teacher preparation and nonprofit leader capacity and open its doors to community members for lifelong learning opportunities.


The scale of our global challenges requires new organizations, policies, power structures and new ways of thinking. By shifting paradigms and creating more pathways to higher education, driving local economies and advancing research and discovery of public value to market faster, ASU amplifes its impact through a systems approach.


View the 2018 Social Embeddedness Report to learn more