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What is Collaboratory?


Collaboratory is a relational database that allows ASU to tell its engagement narrative. It is ASU platform to capture the variety of ways that faculty and staff partner with the community to address community challenges.

Collaboratory software permits greater institution-wide coordination by enabling users to search the database, identify which faculty and staff across the university are tackling the same social issues, and find out with whom they are partnering and in which communities. It also offers robust reporting capabilities that will enable each college and unit to better showcase the important work they do with our partner organizations.

By putting the activities at the center, we can connect it to other data points that staff and faculty are usually asked in isolation. Collaboratory makes it so that we can collect all of that information at one time. It’s a very important tool for university leaders - a tool that gives information about how staff, faculty and students are collaborating with communities. Use your ASURITE ID and password to log in at links.asu.edu/collaboratory.

Want to learn more about getting your unit’s engagement activities in Collaboratory? Reach out to ASU’s Collaboratory administrator - Christina Ngo at Christina.Ngo@asu.edu.


Launch Collaboratory at ASU


Collaboratory Activity Interface

Image of Collaboratory activity interface


Downloadable Brochure

Here is a brochure that can be downloaded for print and sharing: PDF icon collaboratory_brochure_instructions.pdf

image of Collaboratory brochure side 1

image of Collaboratory brochure side 2