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Social Embeddedness Network Conference



2019 conference agenda

The Social Embeddedness Network Conference began in 2014 as a luncheon focused on connecting K12 education and community partnerships across the university. Since then, the luncheon has expanded into a day-long conference that serves as a platform for community-engaged ASU faculty and staff to connect with each other and share challenges and best practices. The event has steadily evolved to include community partners in the institutional dialogue.


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Our more than 4,700 faculty members across all four Phoenix Metropolitan campuses inspire new ways of thinking, innovating and solving problems socially, culturally and economically in our region and in the international community. ASU’s student body is comprised of over 130,000 undergraduate and students from over 150 countries across four campuses and online. ASU’s willingness to try new ideas is not a casual thing, but something intentionally built into the fabric of the institution.