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Civic Engagement

Arizona Summit on Civic Engagement and VolunteerismArizona’s only statewide event dedicated to deepening, elevating, and supporting the state’s extensive networks of community volunteer and civic engagement leaders and programs, the Arizona Summit on Volunteerism and Civic Engagement provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to further develop and foster their skills to better serve Arizona’s community needs.

Center for the study of Race and Democracy: The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy is the entity at ASU and in the state of Arizona to position race and democracy in direct relation with each other. The Center is a destination for those determined and willing to grappling with pressing issues.

Morrison Institute for Public Policy: Morrison Institute for Public Policy is a statewide leader in examining critical issues for Arizona and the region, and is a catalyst for public dialogue. An Arizona State University resource, Morrison Institute uses nonpartisan research, analysis and public outreach to help improve the state's quality of life.

Pastor Center for Politics and Public Service: The Pastor Center honors Congressman Ed Pastor and his legacy of service in Arizona and the nation - and serves as an inspiration for the future generation of leaders. The Center serves as a dynamic, student-centric hub of activity that promotes, publicizes, and encourages political engagement and public service among ASU students and the broader community.

Project Humanities: The Project Humanities initiative strives to be a leader in local, national and international conversations about the breadth, depth and value of humanities study, humanist practice and understanding across all disciplines and communities. This initiative seeks to connect ASU and local communities, establishing and leading multidisciplinary and inclusive public programming that engages local, national and international communities in humanities discussions.

School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership: The School of Civic and Economic and Thought Leadership prepares the next generation of leaders through the study of great works of civic, economic, political and moral thought. This school supports the existing study of humanities and social sciences at ASU and nationally.