What is Collaboratory?

Collaboratory is ASU’s platform to capture the variety of ways faculty and staff are partnering with the community to address community challenges. In the past, staff and faculty submitted information about their social embeddedness work through an annual survey. This only provided a single snapshot of the collaboration taking place. Collaboratory software permits greater institution-wide coordination by enabling users to search the database, identify which faculty and staff across the university are tackling the same social issues, find out with whom they are partnering and in which communities. It also offers robust reporting capabilities that will enable each college and unit to better showcase the important work they do with our partner organizations.

What is Collaboratory


We look forward to your feedback on the platform and ideas for future collaboration. Please reach out to Christina Ngo, Director of Social Embeddedness, at christina.ngo@asu.edu to schedule a call or workshop to learn more about Collaboratory, including additional benefits, how to incorporate it into team practices, etc.