Zoo Poo

Charlie and I are undergraduate students in engineering and began work on ZooPoo when we realized the pressing need for a change to be made in local zoos. Our solution to the problem zoos face with the disposal costs of animal waste utilizes algae cultures as a method of recovering nutrients from the waste to produce a nutritionally effective supplement for animals to consume.

Our experience at Ignite was unlike any other. Ignite @ ASU served as a one stop shop where people with inspiring ideas could gather and share their thoughts. While presenting at Ignite, the two of us equally enjoyed the quick progression of slides. It allowed for a seamless transition between ideas and made for a one of a kind experience as a presenter. This feature complimented well with our presentation due to the different dimensions of ZooPoo. ZooPoo will provide an economical boost in public zoos, improve the nutritional quality of existent animal feed, and do so in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

People from all sorts of backgrounds can get involved to make a difference and if anyone is interested in learning more about Project ZooPoo feel free to contact us at ProjectZooPoo@gmail.com. Feel free to check out our solution posted on 10,000 Solutions too! http://10000solutions.org/solution/zoopoo-0

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Adapting Digital Memories

Hello it’s Kayla Burkholder here to give you a brief introduction to digital memories and the importance of them. I am a Graphic Information Technology student and an avid believer that history helps direct the future. I hope that this will get the ball rolling with more forward momentum on how we can preserve our history now for the future.

My experience with ignite was a great way for me to get people more engaged and aware of the real dangers of having only digital memories. So I keep saying digital memories, what exactly are they? Well they are digital photos, videos, email, PDFs, letters or anything that is important to you and is now in some digital form. Digital memories are culturally relevant to everyone who is now using computers, smart phones, and digital cameras.

So what can you do to adapt to digital memories? Well get into a discussion and start realizing it as an actual problem that effects current and future generations! Visit my solution and the 10,000 Solutions website to be inspired and start your own solutions. Make sure to tag your solutions with #ignite and also #digitalmemories if it’s a solution related to my presentation.

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How to Change the World in 140 Characters or Less

Casey was part of Ignite @ ASU: Small Solutions, Big Change at the Polytechnic Campus on November 2011. Check out what she has to say about her Ignite presentation and watch her video to learn how can can use twitter for change.

“As a social media coordinator at a university, I am not only an avid user of social networks but I am continually teaching coworkers, friends, and students how to effectively use social media for their personal and professional needs. Among these networks, I believe Twitter is the tool that can help any individual change the world.

Presenting at Ignite @ ASU has been on my bucket list for a couple years. I have attended several Ignite events and two things keep me coming back: the rapid pace of the presentations and the audience participation on Twitter. That is right; the best part about Ignite events is using Twitter to discuss the presentations in real time with other audience members. In fact, it was the audience participation at those events that gave me the idea to discuss the power of Twitter for my presentation. If a five minute speech given one time can cause a room full of strangers to tweet to each other and simultaneously spread the word about a new idea, non-profit, or service project …think of what you could do with an actual Twitter strategy to further your cause.

What I have discovered is many people are intimidated by their own voice. I consistently hear people say they don’t join new social networks because they don’t have anything to say. My Ignite presentation not only helps you understand what Twitter is, but how you – right now, in 140 characters or less – can create a strategy, begin tweeting and start changing the world.”

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Mandala: an idea to promote learning a new language

During his Ignite @ ASU presentation on November 2011, Justin shared an idea to create a new tool for learning a new language and preserving unique dialects. Here is what he said about his experience at Ignite @ ASU:

“I’m a recent ASU graduate with degrees in Biology and Anthropology. My hope is to create a tool that aims to preserve the diversity of languages and dialects throughout the world.

The thought that many citizens in foreign countries have mastered two different languages is very impressive in my mind. I definitely feel a little left in the dust when meeting with people that are multilingual. Ignite @ ASU was an awesome way for me to present my idea on creating a multilingual community that spans the entire globe. Meeting the other presenters and hearing their innovative ideas was very exciting. Such innovation only further inspires me to do my part to help solve a problem that I see in the world.

Take a look at some of the other ideas that were presented that night and I hope you will feel the same way I do. Every solution starts from a simple idea, so when you find something you’re truly passionate about, pursue it until you reach your goal.”

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Smart Girls, W.I.S.E. Women

I’m Robyn McKay, the founder of WISE at ASU-Polytechnic. Originally, the acronym WISE stood for for Women in Science & Engineering, but my team of student leaders and I have expanded the organization to include women who are pursuing careers in entrepreneurship and management as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. My solution is about how I took something that I saw as an injustice when I was in graduate school (read: something that made me free really angry) and turned it into a cutting-edge leadership development program for young women pursing technical professions.

I decided to do Ignite because I think it’s important to give a voice to WISE, an organization that’s become so much bigger than just one person. WISE has gathered many advocates and leaders who are making a difference in the lives of young women. Not to mention the young women themselves. I wanted to put the spotlight on the extraordinary young women who are at the heart of the program. My solution is important to the world because young women are the next generation of global leaders. I believe we must do what it takes to give them the leadership skills, self-confidence, and persistence necessary to advance their ideas so that we can all benefit from their innovative products and services.

The Ignite experience was brilliant: from the audiences’ enthusiasm and learning from other speakers, to being part of a program that’s designed to inspire others – it was all so amazing. My favorite part was getting to hang out with Kayla Burkholder, the Vice-President of WISE; and my colleague, Assistant Dean of Students Mike Mader, who were also speakers.

Take 5 minutes and watch my Ignite video. Then ask yourself: What inspires me? What makes me so angry that I have to do something about it? And then go do it. Bring your own solution to the table. We need more solutions. We need your solution. Submit your solution at http://solutions.asu.edu

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Nothing Works, but Everything Might

My name is Kevin Keller and I study Chinese and economics at ASU.  Last year I worked with four classmates to create Science Detectives, an afterschool program at local elementary schools that aims to improve the quality of science education.

Presenting at Ignite was a thrilling experience.  Although I really enjoyed sharing the history of Science Detectives, a story that started in a single classroom in rural China and ended with hundreds of students in Arizona, my favorite part of the evening was listening to the other presentations. I have known for several years that ASU was a school dedicated to innovation.  During the presentations, that dedication felt palpable.

I hope that the readers of this blog enjoy my presentation.  Even more, I hope the talk motivates those readers to take action in their community.  It’s like I say in the video: even if nothing works, everything might!

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Idea Creation Workshop

Saturday, February 11, 1:30 pm  - 3:30 pm with optional debriefing from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Changemaker Central, ASU Tempe campus

Facilitated by staff from Ashoka Youth Venture

This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty thinking outside the box and innovating around pressing social issues. We begin by getting into the mindset of social entrepreneurs—learning about and problem-solving the existing challenges Ashoka Fellows are confronting today. Once properly oriented, we will move into developing our own ideas around an identified social challenge, moving from analysis to creativity to offer innovative ways in which we might respond to address the issue. Participants will come away with tools around how to assess the landscape, consider users and beneficiaries, design for social change, and articulate their idea.  Come to learn, create, and inspire! Prior to the workshop, participants must upload an idea they would like to move forward using the 10,000 solutions platform at solutions.asu.edu. Following the 2 hour workshop, participants who are interested in leading future idea creation sessions of their own will participate in a debriefing session. During this one-hour debrief, participants will discuss facilitation techniques and how to incorporate solution generation and iterative processes into classroom and student organization settings. To attend this FREE workshop, please fill out this registration form.

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Getting out of the Middle: Music Education for All

On November 16th 2011, 12 presenters spoke at Ignite @ ASU: Small Solutions, Big Change. They inspired over 100 community members with their ideas on how small solutions can create big change in our local and global communities.

Here is one of the amazing speakers:

Nate Anderson is the authentically over-flowing Founder and Executive Director of Ear Candy Charity an organization dedicated to providing youth access to music education.  In early 2012 Ear Candy will be debuting an Online Instrument Donation System which allow instrument donors to choose a music program where there donation will impact student.

“Every student deserves access to the rich benefits music education can provide and Ear Candy has created a community driven solution to address this need.  We have an obligation to expand our successful model from the desert to across the country.  Sharing our expansion plans at a forum like Ignite ASU is ideal since the presenters and audience are forward thinking creative individuals who get it!”

Get involved and join the movement by visiting Ear Candy’s website and spreading the word. The time is now! For more information about Ear Candy Charity go to www.EarCandyCharity.org.

Read next week’s post to be inspired by another Ignite @ ASU presenter and to get information about the next Ignite @ ASU.

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4 reasons why you should attend Ignite @ ASU

Are you ready to be inspired?

This year Ignite @ ASU is all about “Small Solutions, Big Change”. Come join us and listen to dynamic 5-minute presentations about how small solutions are creating positive social impact and how you can take action.

Here are 4 reasons why you don’t want to miss this incredible event:
1. Enjoy Free Food and Prizes
We will serve delicious food and will give away amazing prizes graciously provided by the Arizona State Credit Union.

2. Network with great other changemakers
You will meet leaders from the Valley who are excited about creating local and global change. There will be opportunities to connect with Ignite presenters and other audience members throughout the event.

3. Learn Something New
Ignite presentations cover a wide range of topics, from rape defense to energy crisis to Zoo Poo. Trust us, you will learn something new! Check out the full list of presentations here.

4. Have FUN!
The dynamic 5-minute presentation style will keep you entertained. Add free food, prizes, music and it’s a great combination to ensure a fun night.
Mark your calendars for this unforgettable event on November 16th 6-9pm on ASU’s Polytechnic campus in Aravaipa Auditorium and feed into the fire that will redefine the way you think!

For more information and to RSVP go to http://community.asu.edu/igniteasu

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Living a healthy and active lifestyle

Estela Barraza, an ASU alumna, spoke at Ignite @ ASU: Envisioning our Future last April. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“My experience presenting at Ignite @ ASU was influential, instrumental, enlightening and memorable. Health and fitness are complex subjects which can be time consuming when presenting but the Ignite format with 5 minutes and 20 slides allowed me to convey my passion to the audience in a swift and proficient manner.   My main goal was to share my enthusiasm and tips on living a healthy and active lifestyle to the ASU community as well as to encourage them to take simple steps to improve their overall health and fitness. Being fit is not a destination; it is a way of life.”

Check out Estela’s Ignite @ ASU video to learn easy ways to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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