Serve America Act will benefit nonprofits

Submitted by Andrea J Sok (

Volunteers are the heart and backbone of many nonprofit organizations. In a year Save the Family ( relies on the support of more than 2500 volunteers. This is why I was excited to read the details of the Serve America Act. This piece of legislation inspires volunteerism and supports a nonprofits ability to recruit and retain volunteers.

The highlights of the act are:

-Tax incentives for employers who allow their employees to take paid leave for service.

-Establish the Volunteer Generation Fund to help nonprofits recruit and manage more volunteers.

-Expand the AmeriCorps program to 250,000 participants.

I cannot stress how vital volunteers are to the operation and success of Save the Family. This act will support corporate volunteerism which accounts for the majority of volunteers who rehab our housing units. It also supports the work of Volunteer Managers who are vital to the success of a quality volunteer experience and the retention and recruitment of future volunteers.

Let your Representatives know that you support The Serve America Act and tell your local volunteers thank you.

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  1. John Pelley says:

    Keep up the good work.