Arizona State University has 501 community outreach programs in 177 locations, offered by 121 different units, totaling 923 outreach opportunities.

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ASU Community Connect is the portal to social embeddedness at ASU.

Social embeddedness is a university-wide, interactive and mutually-supported relationship with the communities of Arizona. Truly reciprocal partnerships with the communities of Arizona require informed expectations of real outcomes and benefits. A shared responsibility for these outcomes and benefits leads to positive social change in the community and in the research, teaching and service practices of ASU.

Most universities value the interactions between the university and its surrounding communities, whether these interactions happen through internships, volunteer programs or service learning courses. At ASU, though, community engagement is not something we simply value. It’s become who we are. And it’s this identifying characteristic that we call social embeddedness.

At ASU, we advance social embeddedness through five interrelated actions:

  1. Community capacity building— enabling community-based organizations and institutions to become strong and effective by providing support, training and access to resources and information.
  2. Teaching and learning— involving faculty and students in solving problems facing communities.
  3. Economic development— responding to the needs of the university and the needs of communities as ASU pursues its role as an economic engine.
  4. Social development—responding to the needs of the university and the needs of Arizona by working closely with public and private institutions.
  5. Research and Discovery—advancing relevant inquiry by valuing community input, knowledge and needs.

To learn more about what social embeddedness is, what it means to us at ASU and how it can address the challenges we face, we encourage you to explore the stories here.

ASU and Social Embeddedness